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So why isnít that the normal response of people reading Revelation today?

Many of todayís readers have been robbed of an understanding of the message of Revelation because too many interpreters refuse to work seriously with the genre, or the type of literature that Revelation is. They bring to the book a head full of confused images of end-time speculations and scary events, taken from novels, movies, charts and diagrams. In my book, I spend quite some time explaining how to read Revelation. Learning how to read it is a practice universally neglected by populist end-time literature. But let me hasten to add and emphasise that I am not the only one writing this way about Revelation. There have been some wonderful books and commentaries. I am simply trying to present the true nature of Revelation in a form that can be read and digested easily and simply.

The first readers of Revelation heard and understood it. It is my confirmed and passionate belief that we can hear and understand it, just as they did.

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