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Are you saying the book of Revelation was intended only as a comfort for 1st Century believers?

Let me answer that by saying that I have spent a lot of my time over the last few decades teaching believers outside the developed Western world. I have often taught in places where the choice to follow Christ is a life and death issue; where men and women have suffered the loss of all things; have been imprisoned and beaten; or have had loved ones simply disappear. They are not interested in the wild speculations that we are interested in. Their interests are like those of the 1st Century believers who were living in violent and oppressive days, and who were faced with the choices of compromise, blending in, or being a dangerous critique of their society. Today, as then, believers needed to know whether or not God is in control of what is happening. And as I have taught such believers, I have seen the tears flow as they have been led to read the book of Revelation as their 1st Century brothers and sisters would have read it. They have been strengthened, encouraged, and fired up for the battle that they know may cost them their lives. Revelation has led them away from fear and towards the absolute certainty of victory and sovereignty of the Lord Jesus Christ. That is what the book of Revelation is about. That is what God intended it to do.

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