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So what is Revelation actually about?

To understand Revelation, you need to begin with the original setting. The book of Revelation was written to 1st Century believers. Their world was becoming more and more opposed to Jesus Christ and the Gospel. Many of the churches were being persecuted; believers were being taken to prison; many were giving their lives as martyrs for the King and the Kingdom. In that setting, some may have been questioning, "Why?" Others may have had even deeper questions as to whether Jesus was the King after all... "He said he was King; he said he had authority; and if that was so, why are we suffering like this? Why doesn’t he do something?"

Unless we take that setting seriously, we will continue to use the book of Revelation as some sort of modern sourcebook for science-fiction-like constructions that serve only to intimidate unbelievers and scare believers out of their confidence in Christ. Or worse, turn us into voyeurs of evil and what we think Satan will do next.

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