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On page 126 you quote a remarkable statement by Martin Luther. Care to comment?

Sure. Luther, way back at the reformation, could see what people are beginning to see again today, and what THE GATHERING is about. That is, we as the church were always intended to be a (small) mutually supportive, mutually ministering family of redeemed people. Not an institution or revision of the temple.

Luther lamented that he could not get anyone interested in the life-changing processes of meeting Godís way. For too many centuries, people had been encrusted with the barnacles of priesthood and temple-like infrastructure. And so, while Luther and others dramatically reformed the doctrines of the church, he did not reform the structures of Christendom.

It is time, now, for a new reformation. One that sets Godís people free to become all that God intended. It is time to demonstrate our redemption as a community of salt and light. It is time to lift the basket off the light, and become the ecclesia - the simple gathering of Godís people.

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