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What are your major concerns?

First let me answer that in relation to my book. I am fearful of becoming a guru in any way. No one man has all the answers! THE GATHERING is not the final word, but I believe it will contribute to the dialogue by cracking open traditionalism and refocusing on Scripture.

For the church, well, thatís a much bigger issue. The organised church, like a sports club, might just go on reinventing itself and refurbishing its facilities until the sun freezes. But that was never our task, and it dismembers the Gospel. If, in any way, the Gospel is hidden beneath institutionalised structures; if in any way men and women are stifled in their growth because, as laity, they are "low-caste" within the system; if in any way men and women are bound into legalism by thinking that their Christian life and righteousness are centered on the attendance of a Sunday morning lecture and sing song; then we can expect God to sweep us into the dustbin of His history. And our nations will go with us. Because we have not been salt and light for them; we have been a stone edifice on a street corner with a cute little advertising slogan on it, wishfully thinking that it might attract people to come in.

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