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What is the core issue for you?

It probably boils down to one concept, a concept that for me is as natural as breathing: What does the Bible say? It has always amazed and saddened me that those charged with the responsibility of shepherding Godís people, or training church leaders, will do everything but look at the Bible in relation to the local church.

Every new programme, every denominational modification, is about rearranging what already exists. Even to repackage it into super-churches with fabulous music, lights and showmanship, still maintains the die-hard thinking that we were intended by God to sit as an audience for the professional few - the larger the audience the better.

I am not the first one to ask the question, but as you look around on Sunday morning, or look through your churchís programme, ask yourself the question: Is this what Jesus had in mind? If you have a suspicion that it might not be what he had in mind, where would you go to find answers? The Bible!

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