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Let me focus on the THE GATHERING for a moment? What sparked THE GATHERING?

In the beginning, it was a pragmatic issue. As a young man, it seemed to me that the institutionalised church was not working. It was having minimal impact on the community and its structures were suffocating people while soaking up untold amounts of money. It seemed most natural to me to ask the question: What has God said about the local church? In the early days, too few people would talk about that, especially from pulpits. It was all about maintaining the status quo, for better or for worse.

Later, as I began to teach church leaders in persecuted nations, there was no way in the world I could construct for them a version of what we do in the west! I had to teach about the local church using the Bible, not denominational codebooks. THE GATHERING is a tidied-up version of what I have been studying and teaching.

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