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About Ray Barnett

Advertising copywriter, businessman, and Bible teacher . . . an odd combination?

Perhaps, but it is a combination that has kept sharpening my focus in understanding and applying the Bible. Apart from generating income, a background in advertising has enabled me to constantly reassess the process of communication through written words.

It has also kept me connected to a world in which people have to live, work, struggle financially, and raise families while all the time being prevailed upon by their churches to commit more time, more money, and then just a little more time and a little more money.

The major portion of my time over the last twenty years has gone into teaching the Bible to church leaders in emerging and persecuted nations. The goal has been to enable national leaders to study and interpret the Bible for themselves, so that they can responsibly teach and strengthen their own ethnic people. My colleagues and I have attempted to leave men and women with a coherent understanding of their faith, and a love for the Bible as a whole - one book, one story, one message.

In addition, I have been involved with some business-as-mission projects, facilitating small self-supporting enterprises for village churches, along with several larger business projects in countries closed to Christian work.

Teaching and supporting persecuted believers has continually forced me to break through our modern cultural filters to rediscover what God really says about who we are and how we are to function as men and women of the Kingdom.

When not traveling, for my wife Marilyn and me, home is Australia.